dermalogica pro microneedling

Dermalogica’s PRO Microneedling service delivers your most advanced professional results for minimising the look of hyperpigmentation, pores and wrinkles.


This treatment uses innovative techniques and powerful, professional-grade actives.

It will help to:

  • Brighten your complexion
  • Reduce the appearance of dark spots
  • Diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Refine the look of pores

The Dermalogica difference:

As the #1 professional skin care company globally, we work with thousands of microneedling experts - allowing us to develop advanced techniques that deliver maximum results.

step 1: preparation

Your Professional Skin Therapist will evaluate your skin and ask about your skin concerns. Then it’s time to cleanse to remove impurities, followed by exfoliation to remove dead skin cells with a professional-grade peel. All of this preps your skin to help boost Microneedling results.


step 2: microneedling

Your Professional Skin Therapist will tailor the microneedling, application method, and complementary professional serum to target your skin health goals.

step 3: home care

There’s no downtime needed for this minimally-invasive procedure but your post-treatment home care routine is as important as the treatment itself for maintaining and enhancing your results. You’ll leave with a customized home care product plan that best suits your skin.


Treatment Price

Full Face $199.90 or Pre-pay for 3 treatments and receive the 4th for Free $599.70

Face including Neck and Décolletage $357 or Pre-pay for 3 treatments and receive the 4th for Free $1071.00

Neck and Décolletage $158 or Pre-pay for 3 treatments and receive the 4th for Free $474