ASAP Men's Business Facial

Allow 1hr/$145

Tailor made to treat and cater for the specific needs of men's skin, this introduction to facial treatments is certain to become a regular routine not to be missed. A gentle peel, containing Allantion, is applied to help with shaving bumps and damage from the elements, leaving skin glowing and soft.. Followed by a soothing massage for the face,neck and shoulders to gently calm and hydrate, it's 1hour of luxurious pampering for men.


ASAP Men's Anti-Ageing Facial Treatment

Allow 1hr/$145

asap anti-ageing treatment facial 60 MINUTES asap’s version of the fountain of youth. This relaxing and simple skin treatment will help minimise the signs of ageing, reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve skin tone and texture, revealing a clearer, firmer looking skin.

ASAP Antioxidant Men's Facial

Allow 1hr/$145


asap antioxidant facial 60 MINUTES Every day the skin is exposed to environmental stresses such as pollution, smoke, dust and damaging free radicals. This stimulating facial is designed to combat these ageing stressors and is suitable for both sensitive and dry skin. Potent and effective antioxidants will rejuvenate and revitalise, leaving skin feeling smooth, firm and radiant.

*All facials come with your choice of a complimentary hand, foot or scalp massage. Our treat to you!